Sunday, July 28, 2013

My boy Robbie - Soft Toy

Early last month I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a soft toy, like an animal or a doll of some sort. I went out to my FB page followers and asked for suggestions as the last time I attempted this was back in high school when I tried my hand at making a dinosaur that ended up looking nothing like a dinosaur or any recognisable shape.

I got 3 responses ... from girlfriends. I was hoping to generate a little bit conversation from the 300 or so people who like my page that I don't actually know. And let me just say that I am over the moon that I have 300+ likes on my page - to me that is like a billion. I digress ...

A couple of days later I was having a conversation with a girlfriend and she mentioned that one of her favourite toys as a kid was one that had long limbs that her little hands could grab onto and carry around. That's when the joyous creative light bulb came on I could think of nothing better than to base my soft toy after my beloved dog Robbie. He is a recused greyhound who just happens to have long ears, a long nose, long legs and a long body!

So I sketched a little and one Saturday morning put the Robbie prototype together. Don't you think there they look awfully similar?? Maybe I'm just bias :)


Happy with the prototype, I began to put Robbie#1 together ...


So, my Robbie#1 is a one of a kind, soft toy dog. Hand made with cotton fabric, two way velvet, foil jersey, ribbon and polyester stuffing; he stands 45cm tall.

Just in case you didn't notice, Robbie is numbered ... which can only mean that there maybe more of him to come :)

Steph xo
PS. Soon after he was made, Robbie#1 was successfully adopted by a loving family from our Etsy store -

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