Saturday, July 27, 2013


I like to design and create things from scratch. I know there are endless amounts of patterns out there that I can replicate, but there is just something really satisfying about getting an idea and seeing it evolve.

I was chatting with my 3rd sister and somehow the idea of the Draw'n'Go evolved. Nic mentioned that she would like some sort of travelling bag/case to put paper and pencils in for her boys to use when they go out. She wanted something that was easy to pack up when they are in a hurry ... maybe with some Velcro ... with bright and fun coloured fabric and a handle so they boys could carry it themselves. So I started drawing and this is what I came up with ...

Pretend that there is Velcro where the pins are. Open up the sides ...

The red flap is designed to keep paper, pencils, crayons etc. from falling out. Lift up the red flap ...

and tadaaaaaa!!
The centre pocket holds A5 paper and the two side pockets are big enough to fit pencils, crayons, muesli bars or even small toys.
I showed one of my girlfriends the Draw'n'Go and she loved it and instantly (literally) ordered one for each of her twin boys Alex and Lachlan.

Alex with his Draw'n'Go


Lachlan with his Draw'n'Go

Shortly after I received my 3rd order which came from our Facebook page I was for a little boy named Liam.

The Draw'n'Go is made out of 100% cotton fabric, velcro and polyester wadding and are available to buy on our Etsy store

I always enjoy making custom orders so feel free to contact us by leaving a comment here or message us on our Facebook page or Etsy Store. - Steph xo

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