Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our market debut that didn't

We said from the start that we'd be honest so how did our first market go? Well, it didn't. We felt in the end that we wouldn't have enough stock to display and Amelia's quilt took up a lot of time which could have been spent sewing other items. In the end we would have been sorely disappointed anyway had we busted our butts to get there as the organiser hadn't done much advertising so hardly anyone knew the market was on and many stall holders packed up halfway through the market which was a real shame.

So in this one case it may have been to our favour to miss this opportunity as it made us reassess where we want this business to go and what we want out of it. We always said that if it felt like a chore then it wasn't worth doing and this market definitely fell into that category.

As it stands right now, Steph has done a brilliant job sewing all the play placemat sets which are ready for sale and are waiting for me to put them in our etsy store. I'm hesitating (read: procrastinating) over postage costs as I want to charge only what it would cost to send yet Australia Post's online calculator is a pain to use. Keeps quoting me ridiculous amounts so it looks like I'll have to get down to the post office for a quote. And I've completed only 2 aprons - the rest are waiting for assembly. When I get my sewing mojo back the rest will sew up quickly.

In the meantime life goes on and we do what we can when we can.

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