Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miniature place mats, coasters and napkins

About a week ago I was wondering around aimlessly with one thought in mind "What can I make? What can I make? What can I make?" Desperately trying to get some inspiration I found myself looking in draws, under furniture, at the books on my book case, in the kitchen pantry (where I was delighted to find a stash of lollies) ... I finally gave up and my mind wondered off to how much fun I had at Miss E's birthday party playing with her new tea party set and how cute would it be if she had miniature placements so she could set up her kids table and have a REAL pretend tea party! So excited at the thought I rummaged through some material I bought about 2 years ago and found some with cup cakes printed on it - Perfect, Miss E would love it! I cut it out free hand, ironed the edges and made up two kids sized place mats.

I was so proud. I made them double sided ... so there is some thickness there and also they can be used on either side. When I gave them to Miss E and explained what they were she grabbed my hand and walked me over to her table and we had a tea party. As you can imagine I was tickled pink!!

Now I have gone back to make more but have found that the print is not straight grrr. I didn’t realise before because I cut the fabric fee hand, but when I try to cut it all "properly" measuring out the pieces to cut the print comes out uneven. So disappointing, however I am a great believer if something doesn’t fit properly it's meant for something else.

After discussions with M the place mat idea has evolved into a little kit of 4 place mats, 4 coasters and 4 napkins - all miniature size of course. So far I have cut out 2 sets of place mats and coasters and am in the process of pinning. The napkins will be done later as they will be made out of slightly different material and put together using a different process.

Project miniature place mats, coasters and napkins to be continued ....


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